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3 Fold Opiate Addiction Program

Consultation: Determines individual readiness and eligibility for outpatient management.

Enrollment is limited!

Medical Management

Comprehensive initial assessment (review medical history, physical, nutritional assessment, lifestyle review and change, spiritual and fitness assessment, establish individual goals, introduction of other disciplines, re-enforce clinics expectation)

  • Review of consents, role, accountability contract and program details,
  • Med. review and education
  • Select Induction date


  • Psychotherapy, one-on-one, family
  • spiritual, one-on-one
  • Addiction, one-on-one, group
  • Family education


FDA approved

  • non- invasive,
  • no-drug,
  • nonnarcotic

The method of treatment to establish ” Brain Health” by helping the brain regulate its neurotransmitter to restablishing chemical balance.

Enrollment is limited!